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About Us

About Us

Women-founded and operated, our team is absolutely obsessed with healthy, beautiful skin! Yet unlike most others in our industry, our ethical standards run more than skin deep. Firstly, we never place profits above our customers’ values and results. Secondly, we only use the highest quality ingredients and equipment. And thirdly, we prefer to get down to the heart of the matter, the source of the problem, and offer real solutions for resolving even the most severe skin issues.

We understand that our customers’ time and money is valuable, particularly in these unprecedented times, and we work diligently to conserve as much of both as is possible. For this reason, we created KAT Daily Skin + Liver Detox, a revolutionary natural skincare supplement packed with 22 scientifically proven vitamins, amino acids and whole-food sourced ingredients designed to address skin issues at their source, the liver.

Created by a team of renowned skincare experts in Switzerland, KAT has changed the way consumers view both skincare and preventative healthcare.

By gently helping the body to cleanse the liver on a daily basis, our proprietary dietary supplement allows the individual to achieve clear, beautiful and perfectly-balanced skin while enjoying the benefits of a healthier body and a stronger immune system.

No other dietary skincare supplement on the market can deliver results as quickly, safely and effectively as KAT Daily Skin + Liver Detox, and we are excited to finally share it with everyone who values health and beauty and is unwilling to live without both! 🔵

Fitzgerald Conservatory is an American skincare brand and winner of 2x Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Awards.