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The Link Between Zinc and Acne

Zinc is an amazing mineral necessary for many essential functions in the body. However, breakthrough research by a NASA laureate and a Swiss team of top skincare experts has found a correlation between zinc and acne breakouts, particularly in those who are not predisposed to hormonal imbalances and cystic acne.

What is the correlation between zinc and acne, you might ask? The short answer is TESTOSTERONE.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid in human males. It plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate, as well as in the promotion of secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair. During adolescence, teenagers (particularly males) begin producing excess testosterone in their bodies, which inevitably causes the biological changes associated with adulthood. This flood of testosterone leads to hormonal imbalances that cause oily skin and acne. Although testosterone is natural and beneficial to the body, it also comes with a slew of issues, particularly where body image and Western standards of beauty are concerned.

This is where zinc comes into play. Among athletes and bodybuilders, zinc is renowned for its ability to aid in the production of testosterone in the body. In fact, consuming daily amounts of zinc have been found to be beneficial to those who are elderly, depressed or immunocompromised. It is a wonder element that the body cannot do without. However, for the majority of people in the world who produce normal amounts of testosterone, taking zinc can actually trigger hormonal imbalances that cause acne, oily skin and other skin related issues.

This is not to say that zinc cannot help to reduce the frequency or severity of breakouts in those individuals who already suffer from hormonal imbalances and cystic acne (the most serious type of acne), but the evidence is clear that zinc cannot fully resolve acne issues in an individual, as the mere presence of this essential mineral in the body will continue to cause the very hormonal imbalances responsible for acne. In essence, zinc is a way to treat acne but not resolve it. And in those who do not suffer from acne, zinc is actually a catalyst for these types of skin issues.

This remarkable discovery stands in juxtaposition to ongoing mainstream trends that promote zinc as a viable acne solution. In fact, zinc can be found in nearly every dietary acne supplement on the market, which would explain why these supplements take anywhere between 8-16 weeks before significant results are achieved (according to their customer reviews). This means that a customer is required to financially commit to a minimum of 2-4 months worth of product before they can expect to see a return on their investment. This may be lucrative for supplement companies but it is financially and emotionally draining for their patrons, especially when these acne supplements may help to reduce the frequency and severity of breakouts with long-term continued use, but because they contain zinc, they will never fully resolve the issue of acne for their consumers.

The question then becomes, if zinc is so important to the body’s health but it is also responsible for acne and other skin issues, how can an individual “have their cake and eat it too” and enjoy the best of both worlds? The answer is simple when taking into account that the same organ responsible for metabolizing zinc is also responsible for ridding the body of harmful toxins that cause acne and other skin issues. It is not only the key to achieving beautiful, glowing and perfectly-balanced skin, but also in maintaining a healthy immune system and a slim-waistline. This organ is none other than the LIVER.

The liver is responsible for metabolizing most of what we consume and, over the years, it can take quite a beating thanks to poor diet, alcohol, medications, recreational drugs, dietary supplements, etc. The weaker an individual’s liver becomes, the more it shows on their skin. For this reason, it is impossible to scrub and moisturize your way to a beautiful complexion (e.g. scrubs, astringents, creams, serums, facials, masks, etc.), if you are not firstly addressing this internal problem via internal means. Real beauty comes from within ... literally.

After 11 years of research and development, a team of top skincare experts in Switzerland led by a NASA laureate have discovered the key to resolving acne through a holistic approach of detoxifying the liver with a dietary supplement containing a proprietary blend of 22 natural ingredients, including essential vitamins, minerals and ultra-foods. By addressing the issue of acne at its source (i.e. the liver), this unique supplement known as KAT - Complete Skin Detox is both able to effectively resolve and prevent skin issues with a single pill in just days without any change in diet or lifestyle.

As a result, KAT has quickly become one of the most talked about skincare secrets in the world, particularly among the Hollywood elite, and has even garnered the Fitzgerald Conservatory brand 2x Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Awards.

It seems natural in this day and age to immediately dismiss claims of a product’s effectiveness, especially when the market is overly saturated with useless products that promise much yet deliver little. However, after a quick tour through the brand’s Before & After photo testimonials, I found myself at their checkout page with not one but two bottles of KAT.

As of me writing this article, I have taken the KAT supplement for a consecutive 34 days and what I can say about it is this… Ever since I was 20, I have wanted to go makeup-less and embrace the “all-natural” look. Yet despite my best efforts, it seemed the more I tried to take care of my skin with expensive washes, night creams, facials, etc., the worse my skin seemed to get. I didn’t have acne per se, but I didn’t have clear skin either. It has been 21 days that my face has been makeup-free and I don’t plan on ever going back. I am no one’s cheerleader or fan-girl, and I don’t like the idea of being a sales person for any company, but I also don’t want to be the person who suppresses their gratitude because of their pride. So, thank you Fitzgerald Conservatory for helping me to fulfill one of my long-term health goals! Thank you for making a product that does exactly what it says it can do, and thank you for putting customer satisfaction before the almighty dollar. Pretty rare these days.

Yanet Milagros
Blogger & Freelance
Skincare Contributor

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